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Originally planned for March 2020, the Rototuna Rotary Family Fun Day was conceived as a fundraiser with Fun Cycle Rides that would establish a community event based in Rototuna. The onset of COVID-19 and the ensuing lockdowns resulted, not only in the immediate cancellation of the 2020 event, but the pandemic has also had ongoing impact across our communities and families.

The most recent level changes have also had effect and with some approvals still delayed even further, we will go ahead with the approved rides only. For this first inaugural Rototuna Rotary Family Fun Day we have set ticket pricing at $0.00 for the cycle rides.

Starting at Korikori Park, ‘ROUND TUNA’ takes riders through Rototuna and Flagstaff, down the Waikato River before returning back to Korikori Park.

Jump on to enter the ‘ROUND TUNA’ fun cycle ride.

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