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Sustainable Development in Myanmar

“Our ultimate belief is that local leaders with local solutions to local problems will end poverty.”

Founded in 2007, Circuit International is a charity set up to help communities in the Shan State of Myanmar solve their own problems. Speaking at our latest Club meeting, founder and field programmes leader, Stu Corlett said, “We do this by connecting social entrepreneurs in the developing world to resources, technology and business know-how from some of the world’s best. We offer start-up funding to community initiatives that will deliver maximum impact for that whole community and provide support and training, enabling them to create their own solutions for sustainable development.”

With specialised help from fellow Kiwis and other groups worldwide, Circuit International has been running charitable programmes across Southeast Asia for more than 10 years. Using best practice methods, the charity drives innovative programmes that support local people build sustainable social enterprises that develop their own communities. The goal of these social enterprises is that they become completely self-sufficient, so they can run them themselves.

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